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We offer a wide range of services to push up your business forward.
Website Designs

We offer a full range of website designs, developments and online marketing services for any type of website. For over ‘10’ years we have created thousands of designs and can create custom templates for various content management systems and other open source software.

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Website Designs

We offer a full range of website designs, developments and online marketing services for any type of website. For over ‘10’ years we have created thousands of designs and can create custom templates for various content management systems and other open source software.

From 1 page starter sites, to highly complex, custom designed, database driven online applications, we can do it all. If you want to start out small and grow later, we can do that also.

Our websites are not only highly customized and unique to every business, but also very affordable. Prices starting at only ‘100$’ for a custom designed website. With over ‘10’ years of experience, online marketing skills and advanced programming services.

Web Applications

With more than 10 years’ experience in designing, developing and supporting web applications and more than 500 projects completed for customers in over countries, Think Digital Solutions is the reputable and reliable “one-stop” vendor to realize your most ambitious and complex projects.

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Web Applications

Delivering advanced web applications is exactly what we do!

With more than 10 years’ experience in designing, developing and supporting web applications and more than 500 projects completed for customers in over countries, Think Digital Solutions is the reputable and reliable “one-stop” vendor to realize your most ambitious and complex projects.

With Think Digital Solutions you get:

Functional and highly usable web applications matching your business needs, requirements and expectations

Smart and open application architecture allowing for high solution productivity.

High application maintainability enabling to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Full control and transparency of the development process backed with seamless communication.

Mature QA procedures throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Support & maintenance of the delivered application.

The Way to a Successful App:

Customer Oriented Service

Our commitment to long-term partnership is reflected in full-cycle services covering every aspect of software production and implementation. We offer complete transparency of activities and deliverables, mature project management, and seamless communication.

Project Vision

First, we discuss the project to understand business needs, objectives and basic requirements.If you already have any project documentation in place, our analysts will go through it to estimate the required budget and time frame.

Business Analysis,Software Architecture and Prototyping

From the earliest project stages Think Digital Solutions fosters accurate vision and knowledge acquisition carrying out functional analysis, business process and data flow design to create the most open and scalable architecture enabling high application performance, scalability and extensibility.

Quality Assurance

An essential step in any software development routine, our QA and testing processes are built in accordance with the internationally accepted QA standards and practices, supported with advanced testing tools to ensure the highest quality application delivery.


As soon as development works are completed, Think Digital Solutions’s software engineers deploy the application developed either to a production or to a test environment to make it available for the designated use or final pre-launch capabilities testing.

Maintenance & Support

Think Digital Solutions provides continuous support and maintenance for the applications delivered. We offer corrective, adaptive and scheduled maintenance and 2-nd and 3-d level support services.

Technology consulting

If you do not have any technology preferences, or have any concerns with the currently employed ones, we will provide guidance for choosing the right technology mix for the project.

Think Digital Solutions R&D center constantly researches, monitors, and integrates new proven tools and frameworks into the development process together with the best development practices so that our customers utilize and leverage the most innovative technologies.

User Experience

We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability,which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.


We ensure web development seamlessness, continuity, and transparency across the entire SDLC — enabling better control and visibility into the workflow — by combining best-suited project development methodologies and techniques with relevant project management tools and domain expertise to deliver quality end-to-end web solutions.


The operation of a functionally rich web application often depends on its interoperability with online services and data sources. When required, Think Digital Solutions carries out seamless integration with third-party software / web services (popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SaaS APIs, etc.)

Continuous Improvement

We also provide 4-level support and software enhancements to complete application refactoring with no interruptions into the running business process.

Knowledge, Skills and Expertise & Challenges

Mobile Applications

Going Mobile? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking and entertainment. We specialize in mobile clients to web services and web portals We develop autonomous mobile applications We build end-to-end mobility solutions

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Mobile Applications

Going Mobile? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking and entertainment.

We specialize in mobile clients to web services and web portals

We develop autonomous mobile applications

We build end-to-end mobility solutions

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We are proficient in Mobile Web with a specific focus on HTML5 solutions.

Think Digital Solutions helps businesses establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by their back-end software. We deliver native mobile applications seamlessly connected to an online service, corporate business application or informational online resource.

Our mobile experience allows completing the objectives in a range of domains working with various data / content types and their combinations:

Business data

Media content

Financial data

Geographical positioning data

Data obtained from hardware devices

Online Services

Think Digital Solutions creates native mobile applications seamlessly integrated with web services or informational online resources. Our experience covers:


Social Media

Media Content Distribution

Financial Services

Online Games and Gambling

Innovative Mobile-centric Solutions

Think Digital Solutions helps both established businesses and ambitious startups uncover the benefits of new mobile user experience.

Social Commerce

Augmented Reality

Advanced Graphics Processing

Location-based Apps

Cloud Computing in Back-end

Corporate Business Applications

Think Digital Solutions designs enterprise mobility solutions supporting corporate software: Accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence, ECM, Inventory Management etc.

Electronic Forms and Catalogs

Barcodes processing & RFID support

Data Visualization

Task Management

Digital Assets Management

From Proof of Concept to Live Software

Think Digital Solutions’s full cycle services obtain real significance when talking about an innovative project. We offer a smart approach from the very early stages to mitigate risks and boost the development process.

Strategic Technology Consulting

Consistent Architecture Design

In-depth Mobile App Prototyping

Prototype Usability Testing

Web Hosting

Our Servers Based in the United States, India, UK, Turkey and Hong Kong & characterized by stunning performance, high flexibility and better support services.
Stay secure and reliable with different hosting plans that suit to all from large business to individuals.

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Web Hosting

Think guarantee you a strong performance of the hosting servers with high stability and 99% uptime..

Why Choose Us?

Professional Technical Support.

Security and Protection.

Unique Backup.

Domain Registration

Domain name can be professional or personal, we provide your own unique space on the web and should always be memorable. Register domain names with us and get instant access to a hub of online tools and knowledge.

SEO & Marketing

Improve and promote for your website or web app to increase the number of visitors coming from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Also we provide complete solution for pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of most used digital marketing tools. Grow your business with email marketing campaigns, send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.

SMS Campaigns

SMS Messages is used for marketing purposes including: new product announcements, special promotions, opening of new shops, special occasions, etc. We provide robust solution for SMS Campaigns at a competitive price.

Our Web Hosting Servers

Based in the United States, India, UK, Turkey and Hong Kong & characterized by stunning performance, high flexibility and better support services.


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About US

We have more than 10 years of experience in designing, developing and supporting web applications and more than 500 projects completed.

Corporate Overview

Think Digital Solutions belongs to Think Group which is owned by Sheikh Juma bin Majid Al Maktoum and managed by the CEO Mr. Fadi El Ghattis. Think Group develops & manages an extensive portfolio of companies focused on financial & consultation services, financial software solutions, Software & Mobile Applications and Info-graphical videos. Think Group subsidiaries are:

Think Group

Think Digital Solutions

Think Digital Solution is the backbone of Think Group when it comes to information technology. It offers a full range of website designs, developments and online marketing services. Also, Think Digital Solutions experienced in advanced web apps.

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Think Media

An animation studio that is specialized in production of 2D motion graphics videos from the script to the screen with creative media solutions for branding and advertising products presented in a fun, interactive way and appealing to the viewers

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Think Financial Studies

Think Financial Studies name shines in the finance world. It offers an amazing experience in training and consultation. Think Financial Studies offers tools and techniques that enable you to be more efficient and professional.

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  • Our Mission

    We have fun work in converting your imagination into reality, all you need is telling us your dream and we help you to achieve it, step by step, we are with you until the end.

  • Our Vision

    To offer a new way of thinking and creativity to provide the best services that help our customers meet their needs, ensuring the highest quality and safety.

  • Our Goals

    We aims to provide facilities for companies and customers through a range of distinctive services in many areas to reflect the nature of the work in the best possible image.

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We design & develop quality products to help small & medium level business.
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We design & develop quality products to help small & medium level business.
Think Exchange Trading Simulator

The First Stock Market Simulator App in the Middle East

Think Exchange

Think Exchange platform is different from others software because it is the first of its kind in the Middle East and it has the following new features:

Market Watchlist details

52 H price & 52 Low price

Previous close price & Opening price

High & Low Price

Bid volume , Bid Price ,Offer volume and Offer price

Current price & Number of trades

Price Change & Change percentage

Shares volume ,Shares Value and Average price

Manage Orders

Multiple Order Entry (Enter orders for multiple investors simultaneously)

Direct order entry

All activity in real-time with the markets

User-Friendly Interface

E-trade capabilities (Internet, mobile, PDA)

SMS/ Email alerts and notification

Manage pending/ queued orders

Automated/customizable computation of brokerage fees

Trader Workstation


total Portfolio




Shares Value


Advanced Streaming Charts can be viewed by minutes, days, months & years

Candle Stick

Closing Price


Median Price (optional)

Typical Price (optional)

Weighted Close (optional)

Bollinger band (optional)

Don chain Channel (optional)

Envelop (optional)

Moving Averages (optional)


Current price & Number of trades

Current price: The “real time” price of a security trading on an exchange

Number of Trade: The total number of trades (buy and sell transaction) during the day

Price Change & Change percentage

Price change: The difference between the previous closing and opening stock price

Price Percentage: The difference between the previous closing and opening stock price divided by previous closing

Shares volume ,Shares Value and Average price

Shares volume: the total number of stocks traded (bought or sold)

Shares Value: The current price of the stock multiplied by the number of stocks traded

Average price: The average of closing and opening price divided by 2

Gain & Loss


Accounting System

Accounting Management

Accounting System

Accounting Management

Sales And Accounts Receivables

Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches

Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups

Make Sales Groups for grouping Customer Branches

Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders)

Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes

Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes

Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order.

All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable

Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales

Customer Payments and Allocations

Company logos can be attached to sales documents

Dimensions can be selected for Sales Delivery and Invoices

Shipping Costs and Legal Text can be added to Invoices

Purchases and Accounts Payable

Open Supplier accounts

Make Purchase Orders, Goods Receival Notes and Payment Terms

Clearing of Goods Receival Notes

Entry of Supplier price lists & related conversion factor into purchase prices

Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers

Supplier Payments and Allocations

Company logos can be attached on documents

Option of attaching scanned documents with transactions

Inventory and Stocks

Record Stock Items

Define Item Categories and Item Locations

Record location transfers and other adjustments

Set re-order levels for Inventory Items

Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit)

Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices

Quantity of Items can be measured into standard units

Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry


Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries

Feasibility of adding advanced production and simple assembling features

Cash and Bank

Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts

Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts

Various currencies can be added and foreign currency translation is also done

Record bank enquiries and reports

Prepare bank accounts reconciliation

Transactions can be made void and reprinted

General Ledger

Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups

Record journal entries and budget entries

Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports

Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries

Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings

Record depriciation entries on period based

Make journal entries with corresponding entry in supplier / customer account

Filter General Ledger reports by dimensions

Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit


Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports

Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format

Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis

Email documents directly to customers

Make graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts)

Tag and save report selections

Access Levels and adaptations

Different companies can be set-up simultaneously

Separate financial years can be created and closed against entries

Multi user access with different privileges

Make backups and restore for companies

Date Picker with week numbers for all date fields

Simple Audit Trails

Extensions for customizing menu tabs and applications

Advanced Features

Historical Currency Rates

Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers

Language Support

Full support for localization by the GNU’s gettext package

Multi language support with right to left support in Arabic language

Different chart of accounts can be installed and activated

Jalali and Islamic calendars are supported

Other Details

Every document can be emailed and printed simultaneously

PDF can be formatted for every document

Projects, Cost Centers, Departments can be added, using Dimensions


Human Resources Management HR

Manage your employees, payroll, attendance.

Human Resource Management (HRM)


Employee information

Personal details, with support for international name formats (such as family name first) and alternate script.

Contact addresses and telephone numbers

Personal details (including date and place of birth, nationality and citizenship, gender)

Record gender, marital status and disability information to support anhrms-diagramalytics and reporting.

Flexible structures and hierarchies

Group your employees into collections of nested or simple lists

Create as many collections as you need

Useful for creating regions, department structures etc.

Employees can be in as many collections as required

Employment records

Terms and conditions of employment (including employment type, hours per week, notice period, FTE)

Job title/role information

Full history of changes, including the effective from/to dates for each change

Record termination of employment details, including notice date, employment end date, reasons for termination and whether future

rehiring should be considered.

Leave/PTO Management.

Leave/PTO Notes.

Leave/PTO Cancellation Requests.

Attendance Management

Automate your timekeeping related processes. This feature-rich module efficiently organizes labor data‚ improves workforce management and helps you minimize attendance policy errors. Features include:

Take advantage of precise project information management.

Create timesheets to monitor employee project tasks.

Define days-off (weekends and specific holidays).

Manage all employee timesheets.

Create timesheets weekly or monthly.

Generate pending or approved time reports.

Clear and concise attendance tracking for HR administrators and managers.

Document Management

Manage employee files, automate workforce procedures, take command of forms,policies, and more with HR document management software solutions in HR

HR helps Human Resources take a paperless approach that improves efficiency and control of HR records and processes.

Manage workforce records

such as application materials, resumes, new employee forms, W-4s, and insurance forms, HRSupportand store everything in an electronic, searchable format.

Automate the distribution of company policies and workforce training materials, and develop review procedures for creating and updating materials. Workforce processes such as employee reviews, administrative requests, and expense reports are fully automated!

Data Filtering Support

Find anything you need, instantly, with full-text searching of records, even scanned paper files.

Employee Search by Qualifications.

Performance Charts

Performance Appraisal

Configure Appraisal cycle:

Configure the appraisal cycle of your organization including the deadlines for submission of appraisal forms.

Goal Management:

Through ‘Goal Setting’ functionality managers can set employee goals by defining deliverables, weights, priority level, as well as deadlines to reach each goal. Goals can be tracked and updated by all employees. Managers can have instant views chart-human-resources on their progress, as well.

Competency Management

Set competency requirements based on job and business needs. You can simply add required competencies and assign corresponding weights.

Initiate Appraisal:

Choose the appraisal cycle and initiate the appraisal process for one or all employees with a single click.

Fill Appraisal Form:

Appraisals just got easier. It is simple to evaluate an employee’s current performance. The appraisal form is simple, intuitive and contains pre-populated fields. Managers can select an employee and get quick access to all the background information they need for the evaluation. These profiles contain company assigned employee goals, job specific competencies, past evaluations, job profile, goals status, employee self evaluations and more.

Assign Performance Rating:

Managers can easily assign overall performance ratings and promotion recommendations to each employee. Appraisal Form Manager can recommend salary hikes as well as position raise depending on the performance evaluation of the employee. Performance appraisal helps you document the process.

Review Appraisals:

If there is a discrepancy in the appraisal, you can assign someone to review the evaluation. Performance Appraisal can be approved or rejected by the reviewer.

Appraisal Reports:

A manager can view past appraisal records of all employees through comprehensive appraisal reports. These provide an in-depth analysis of employee performance against his/her goals and competencies in comparison to past appraisal cycles.

Payroll Management

HR lets you organize employees into groups based on designation for uniform payroll calculations

Configure payroll components for earnings, deductions and taxes to build standard payroll templates

Automate Payroll calculations for wages, bonuses, other forms of compensation, deductions agraphiclogond taxes based on user defined rules through payroll templates using HR Payroll Software

With HR Payroll Software, you can seamlessly enter all payroll-related data for all employees directly, without having to navigate through different pages

Recruitment Management

HR Recruitment software lets you set up and maintain jobs and develop job descriptions according to the user defined rules

With HR you can create an extensive job applicants database that can be easily searched

Define rules for automatically screening candidates based on user defined criteria using HR


Customer Relationship Management CRM

Manage your customers, send bulk SMS, Emails.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Contaccrm-breakdownt Management

Full view of Contact details

Lead Management

Quickly find info with Global Search

Activity Management

Meetings, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments all in one place

Roll Up to see activities from related records

Latest activities widget, easy view of historical information

Deal Tracking

Sales Force Automation

Create and Manage Opportunities

Track Sales Pipeline

Probability of Closure


Report on virtually any set of records

Drag and Drop Filters

Customize, save, share Reports

Charting includes 3D Bar Graphs, Donut, Pie, etc.


Create custom Workflows with drag and drop wizard

Trigger email alerts or actions

Keeping track of events as they occur

Get notified on upcoming or elapsed events

Marketing Automation

Create and send

Email Marketing campaigns

Schedule Autoresponders

Build and embed Web Forms that link directly to CRM

Manage Campaigns

Product Management

Create Product Catalogs

Integrate Products with Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts

Manage Product Items and quantities




Permissions, Rights, Policies

Ad-hoc teams


Multiple Timezone support

Send SMS

Import and Export PDF/EXCEL


Mail Templates

SMS Templates

reports (Users – contacts – mails – SMS – projects – accounts).

Contacts Map

send whatsapp message

Manage customer files

Customer Notes

Skype Calls


Projects Management System

Manage your Team, projects, tasks & docs in kanban board concept

Projects Management System


Manage your Team, projects, tasks & docs in kanban board concept

Conferences Management System

Manage your all conferences, events and workshops stuff

Conferences Management System


Manage your all conferences, events and workshops stuff

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